Running in circles? Try doing the opposite.

Sometimes you get stuck. Improvement gets negligible no matter how hard you try. The process that used to work and brought rewards doesn’t get you anywhere. You run in circles. Any strategy that used to work lost its power. What to do?

Sometimes you need to do the opposite of the intuitive.

Let me give some examples.

Are you too tired? Exercise. There’s no need to do the iron man. A fast walk or 15 minute jog can do wonders.

Developing a great product with more features than competitors but they always outsell you? Make another one with less features. You’ll be surprised.

Want to get rid of body fat? Eat less carbs. Seriously. Try Tim Ferriss‘s slow carb diet. It has produced miracles.

Are you always too busy? Rushing through life at 300 km/h? Take some time off. Slow down, have a coffee.

You have a business with too high expenses? Maybe you should invest more into sales or marketing.

I’m not saying you should always do the counter-intuitive or move away from proven strategies. But when you need to break out of a vicious circle, it’s often necessary to make a U turn.

I have positive experience with some of the examples above.


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